Our Packaging Technologies by Ishizaki-Shizai can be adapted and used for every applications in many fields.

About us

  • Manufacturing and sales of film packaging materials.

Zipper bag with slide fastener ”ZIPPLE” .Laminating bags with air-tight zipper. Air-tight zipper bag, Clothing compression pack and etc.

  • Manufacturing and sales of functional film product.

Futon compression bag with plastic one-way valve, Clothing compression valve with plastic one-way valve.

  • Manufacturing and sales of combination product with film and molding part.

Slide fastener for multi purpose zipper (open and close use), Slider for air-tight zipper (closure use), One-way valve for compression bag, and etc.

  • Manufacturing and sales of plastic molded product for plastic bag.

Waterproof soft case for mobile phone “AQUATALK” Waterproof soft case for portable game “AQUATALK GAME PLUS” (for NINTENDO DS and SONY PSP).

  • Manufacturing and sales of waterproof soft case for portable equipments.

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